Used Vehicle Warranty

Drive off the lot with confidence when you buy a used vehicle from Midway Ford because we provide a Limited Warranty with just about every used vehicle we sell.  Unless otherwise specified, any used vehicle that is less than eight years old qualifies for the following Limited Warranty:
MileageWarranty Duration
Under 36,000 Miles60 Days or 2,500 Miles
Under 75,000 Miles30 Days or 1,000 Miles
Limited Warranty Coverage Details

If a malfunction, defect, or failure occurs in a covered part listed below, Midway Ford will either repair or replace the covered part -- or, we reserve the option to take the vehicle back and give you a refund.
The following parts are covered:       
  • Engine: All lubricated parts, intake manifolds, engine block, cylinder head, rotary engine housings, and ring gear.
  • Transmission: Automatic transmission case, internal parts, and the torque converter; or, the manual transmission case, and internal parts.
  • Drive Axle: Axle housings and internal parts, axle shafts, drive shafts and output shafts, and universal joints -- but excluding the secondary drive axle on vehicles, other than passenger vans, mounted on a truck chassis.
  • Brakes: Master cylinder, vacuum assist booster, wheel cylinders, hydraulic lines and fittings, and disc brakes calipers.
  • Steering: Steering gear housing and all internal parts, power steering pump, valve body, piston, and rack.
  • Cooling System: Radiator and water pump.
  • Electrical System: Alternator, generator, and starter.
  • Fuel System: Externally-mounted mechanical fuel pump.

If you have any questions about the Used Vehicle Limited Warranty, please don't hesitate to contact us.